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Get to know our power team

Carlo Balagasay

Since being introduced to fitness through martial arts at the age of 8, Carlo has been relentless in testing his own physical abilities.  His well-rounded knowledge has been obtained from personal experience with different forms of fitness, from having a 200 lb bodybuilding physique through to becoming a 145 lb Muay Thai fighting machine.  Carlo worked for a few years as an Engineer but then decided to follow his true passion for fitness.  He reached out to his good friend, Christian Alvarez, and fine-tuned his personal training skills under Christian’s mentorship.  From there he quickly became one of the most versatile trainers this city has to offer.

“Self-awareness is the key to anything you do.  You’ll only go as far as your mind will allow so you have to be self-aware and recognize if your thoughts are leading you in a positive or negative direction. Great trainers must first recognize the mental toughness and discipline of his/her client because the lack of these attributes will lead to the hindrance of their results.  Life is a mental game and fitness is no different!”

Carlo is a black belt in judo winning multiple Ontario championships, and is a WMA U.S. Muay Thai champion, who has also been named fighter of the tournament.  His love for athletics and pushing physical boundaries has brought a high energy, high intensity presence to classes and clients alike.  Carlo continues to surround himself and learn from experts in various fields of fitness.

Christian Alvarez

Christian caught the bug for fitness and bodybuilding very early and recognized his calling.  He quickly realized that weekend courses were not sufficient to become the expert in the fitness industry that he aspired to become.  He therefore dedicated the last decade to working with experts in Training, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Registered Massage Therapy to supplement his extensive knowledge of training methods.

“You must be able to train a whole family; people of various ages and differing needs.  To be an excellent and effective trainer you must educate and surround yourself with experts in complimentary health fields.  That is how you become versatile with well-rounded knowledge”

Christian is the “no holds barred” “go ‘til you drop” type of trainer but also maintains the basics-proper preparation and building the body in stages are the keys to having the complete fitness package- the marriage of form and function.

Julius Balagasay

As a young boy Julius, along with his brother Carlo, was involved in various martial arts including judo and won countless tournaments across Ontario.  However in his late teenage years the lifestyle he lived resulted in his body ballooning to 270 lbs. A few years ago he discovered Muay Thai and dedicated countless hours of hard work to get back into shape and learn the deadly skills associated with this sport.

Julius’ motto is “life is what you make it” and he believes with all his heart that since he was able to change his life for the better, he can help others change their lives too. His favorite form of exercise is high intensity cardio strength training and he is always looking for new workout programs to continue achieving the results he wants. He values learning as an ongoing event of life and is enthusiastic about sharing his passions with everyone.

Jefferson Manalese

Coming from a sickly childhood, Jefferson made it his mission to attain physical well-being while growing up.  He surrounded himself with people with the same interest who helped cultivate his growing interest in fitness along the way.

At 17 he worked as a maintenance custodian at a gym which ignited his passion through the bodybuilding lifestyle and emulated the great physiques that surrounded him.  After post-secondary education and a few years in the Aviation industry, he decided that it was his moral duty to share what he has attained through training to everyone else around him.

“I verbally say the phrase “Keep Going…” about a thousand times a day when coaching and only now do I realize that it’s what my heart has been beating about since childhood.”

Chris Tenn

Christopher had an interest in fitness from a young age. As a child, he was taught the art of Karate and the importance of strengthening the mind and body as one. Throughout high school, Christopher found a passion in wrestling, quickly learning the benefits of functional training for sports.

Even with an early love for fitness, Christopher had a late start in the industry. After graduating from engineering he realized that his true calling was to follow his passion for fitness and become a personal trainer. Christopher went back to school taking a Fitness and Health Promotion program and following graduation, he became a certified personal trainer under the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). His desire to help others and his love for fitness finally unified, Christopher strives to inspire others and help them reach and exceed their fitness goals.

“Someone once told me that personal trainers are a dime a dozen, but to be a great personal trainer, you have to care about each and every client, and make yourself responsible for every client’s goals. I tell myself that every day, and every day I get to go to work and make a difference in somebody’s life”.