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Our SNU-Therapy practitioners will identify the root causes of your pain and develop a treatment plan that will ensure an effective,yet speedy, recovery.


Physiotherapists assess the client’s level of mobility, strength, endurance, and other physical abilities to determine the impact of their illness or injury on their physical function. They diagnose the patient’s condition and develop a treatment plan that includes:

  • Strengthening and therapeutic exercise.
  • Mobility and flexibility improvement.
  • Balance retraining and movement coordination.
  • Manual therapy – intervention to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Electrical modalities such as TENS (electrical nerve stimulation) or ultrasound.

At Strength-N-U Therapy, physiotherapists focus on accelerating healing, maintaining, strengthening, and restoring bodily function. Using muscular strengthening and lengthening exercises coupled with electronic modalities, physiotherapists aid in the improvement of performance and quality of bodily movements. Physiotherapy also helps prevent muscle atrophy from injury, and helps correct neurological issues.


At Strength-N-U Therapy chiropractic care involves the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and pain with an emphasis on the entire body.

Our chiropractors at Strength-N-U Therapy use manual therapy including spinal manipulation, which is a low amplitude thrust into the joints of the spine or extremities. This also includes soft tissue therapy and other hands-on treatment which decreases pain caused by muscles, joints, and nerves, restoring your body’s optimal health and minimizes musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Included with this treatment are personalized rehabilitation regimens, exercises, stretches, postural recommendations, and lifestyle counseling to assist you in achieving your personal health goal.


Massage Therapy is the hands-on manipulation of the body’s soft tissue which includes the muscles, fasciae, tendons, and ligaments. Massage helps increase circulation, mobility, flexibility, and decreases stress, aches, and pain from tired and overworked muscles. It is an effective way to prevent the progression of an injury, and help maintain pain-free and injury free bodies.

Not only is massage therapy good for the body, but for the mind as well. It helps induce relaxation, while decreasing stress and anxiety, making you more effective and productive during day-to-day responsibilities.

Massage is recommended for people of all ages, and all walks of life — from growing children, college athletes, manual laborers, corporate workers, and the elderly. Massage Therapy has a vast array of benefits and can be a valuable service to everyone.

At Strength N U Therapy, our goal is to assist our clients to achieve and maintain a healthy body, and to attain their performance goals. We aim to diminish pain, and increase physical capabilities


Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine involving the insertion of solid filiform acupuncture needles into the skin. It works to regulate the human system by stimulating clearly defined access points/portals. Acupuncture therapy is often used today to promote health, and alleviate pain and suffering.
Acupuncture is safe and effective, free from adverse or addictive side effects. Often, a sense of relaxation, and well-being occurs during and after treatments. While undergoing therapy for one ailment, other problems may resolve concurrently. This is a common side benefit that again demonstrates the value of balancing the quality and quantity of “vital energy” within the entire person.


Yes! After receiving treatment, we will provide you with an invoice of the services rendered that you can claim to your insurance company for reimbursement, if applicable.

Yes! All staff at Strength-N-U Therapy are registered health practitioners.

Everyone is different, so it depends on what issues you are having, the severity of the issue, and the progression of your recovery.

At times, certain techniques used by Chiropractors and/or Massage Therapists can be a little uncomfortable.  Simply let your treatment provider know if you are uncomfortable with a technique, and they will find an alternative way to treat you.

No.  Some areas of the body are easier to treat with no clothing, however, if you are not comfortable undressing for any reason, you certainly do not have to remove any clothing.

It is not uncommon to feel some soreness after treatment.  Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy involve the manipulation of the muscle and bone, and for some this can cause some soreness.  Your treatment provider will suggest some ways to reduce this pain such as stretch, ice and/or heat application.

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